Sorelle (‘so·rèl·le’)
Italian for ‘sisters’

Bringing a fresh, local twist on homely Italian-inspired food, wine, coffee, and homewares

Italian inspired

Sorelle draws on its name, warm vibes, and inspiration from its older sister cafe and deli Tognini’s just up the road in Milton. It also marks the next generation for the family business as sisters Madeleine and Nastassia join their parents and original founders, Mark and Narelle Tognini in the food scene. 

Rooted in the Tognini’s legacy, Sorelle brings you the same delicious taste of tradition with a fresh new twist.

Welcome to your new local

Sorelle is a culmination of all our favourite foods, produce, and brands. There are subtle nods to our favourite Italian cuisines along with custom-blend coffee and Australian and imported wines. It’s all about celebrating community and great company. Sorelle’s about to be your sisterhood home whether it’s catching up for brunch, a wine, grabbing a coffee and sweet, or nabbing a gift from the homewares corner.